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A Custom Internet Lead System For Your Business

I am a one man operation that has been providing insurance leads to agents since 2014 through my main business I specialize in insurance but I launched this website because I can create lead generation systems for any type of service or product (as long as it's legal 😎).

I am an expert in Google Adwords and Facebook marketing and so there is pretty much nothing that is too unique for me to set this up for. Whether it's any type of insurance, credit repair, loans, debt consolidation, HVAC, contactors, local or nationwide businesses - there are just so many ways to get leads or customers for your business.

What I create for you allows you to 100% own and control your marketing. You own it all from day 1 and the setup is very fast. You can be generating your own leads in 7 days or less from the time of ordering!

Everything That You Get

I replicate my lead generation website for you and you can adjust all copy and fields (name, address etc) to your specific needs. If you have your own site I will help optimize it for conversions.

If needed, your own unique .com name that you choose and a matching Facebook business page completely setup to your specifications.

Setup of all Facebook and/or Google advertising accounts and custom ads to start your own online marketing.

Personal training in online marketing for your niche and I will fully integrate everything for you to begin using your system right away. I will teach you all best practices so that you can be successful and generate the leads you need for your business at your own cost and be free from dealing with lead vendors again.

Full ownership of everything. You own the leads, the advertising accounts and your data. You will be able to make business decisions based off the data from your advertising accounts. You will know what it costs to generate a real lead from someone in Town A or State B and you can analyze all of that to have a much more efficient bottom line for your business.

No geographic or selling restrictions. Generate leads in your hometown or nationwide. You can provide leads to other agents in your organization at cost, for a profit or as part of an incentive program. The system is 100% yours and you can use the leads in any way.

I handle all domain, hosting, SSL services and most importantly, lead delivery management through my custom system free for 1 year ($10 a month after 1 year).

3 Months of Unlimited Ad Creation and Training. I will work with you as much as needed to get your account completely optimal for your business and have you trained and able to use the platform yourself. You will have my office phone, cell phone and email so you can contact me any time. If more time is needed, we will make a very fair and agreed upon rate for whatever services are needed.

The cost is $2,500 and turnaround time is 7 days or less.

The System Pays for Itself

Between your reduced lead cost, the higher quality advertising and of course the sales the system pays for itself very quickly. I get you up and running within a week and once complete you'll have your own completely custom marketing platform to generate your own leads online, forever. I will be there every step of the way to ensure you have no issues generating leads going forward. I would happily provide references to people already using my system as well.

You can call me any time to discuss at (800) 717-3915 or use the form below to contact me through my website. I know there is a lot of information on this page so I am happy to answer every question you might have.

Thank you for your interest, Lee
[visit my LinkedIn for more info on my background]

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