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After You Purchase Your Lead System

To offer a little more clarification, here is what happens after you place your order for your lead system.

Step 1: The first step is deciding on the name for your website. I will work with you to help you come up with a unique name specific to you.

Step 2: Once we have the name picked out, I begin building your website. Within 24-48 hrs of purchase the website will be done and live under your unique .com name.

Step 3: After the website is complete, I begin setting up your Facebook business page, advertising accounts, Google Adwords and any other necessary accounts for your marketing.

Step 4: Around day 4 or 5 we begin the initial run of marketing for you, beginning with your first custom ad I create for you.

Step 5: Around day 7 I roll out your full set of custom ads including multiple video and graphic ads, custom and unique to your business.

That is the intial 7 days after you place your order. After that we will routinely communicate to make adjustments, create new ads and begin teaching you the marketing interface. You do not need to be a computer or marketing expert by any means, as long as you have some very basic computer knowledge and a willingness to learn you will have absolutely no issues. I handle all of the setup for you and I am there every step of the way. You'll have my office phone, cell phone and email so you can reach me any time.

Want More Information On My Lead Generation System?

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