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Frequently Asked Questions About the Lead Systems

I sell more than one product, do I need more than one system?

Nope. If you want a system for more than 1 product, I sell it as an add-on product. Once you buy it for say, Final Expense, you can add-on a Medicare package or Health Insurance package for $1,250. Many people usually add at least one more as time goes on because you can run these ads at the same time and get more leads.


I see it says you handle web hosting for 1 year, is there a fee after that?

Yes but it is very fair. After one year the cost will be $100 paid yearly. This pays for your domain, hosting etc and keeps me on 'retainer' if issues do arise. I've seen it all doing this so I can always help.

If you still need a good bit of help, ads created, systems managed etc the fee will commensurate with your needs, generally anywhere from $100 and up per month depending on what it all entails. I am very flexible and fair so this will and can all be adjusted as needed.


Do you have references?

Yes. I have been creating these lead systems since early 2020 and I have had this business since 2014 so I have many customers who have been using them for quite some time now.


I've bought internet leads in the past and they sucked. Will the leads I generate with this system suck?

No! There are many reasons other leads suck and here are the most common reasons, they're resold, they're misleading, they're old and/or they're not specific to your line of work.

With the leads we create with the system we will have none of those issues. The leads are of course yours so they only get sold if you do it, we run ads completely specific to your product and don't mislead consumers at all and you get the leads in your email within seconds of the consumer requesting information.

On top of that, you see every ad that is made and posted on your behalf so you know with 100% certainty what your customers are seeing and responding to.


I have agents I need to provide leads to, can I use this for that?

Absolutely, this system is 100% yours, the leads you generate are yours and you can use them for any purpose.


I have more questions!

Awesome, call me at (800) 717-3915 or use the form below to email me. If I don't answer when you call, please leave a message. I spend a lot of time on the phone so I will call you back as quickly as I can. Thank you, Lee

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