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A Custom Lead Generation System For Medicare Leads

With all of the Medicare compliance rules and regulations, buying leads from vendors and call centers is a total crapshoot and very risky. You can never be sure how and where the leads are generated, if the proper wording is being used and if all of the rules are being followed.

When you generate your own leads, you have full control and transparency so you can be sure everything is being done the way it needs to be.

What I build for you allows you to run your own online ads that follow all Medicare guidelines AND allows you to target the appropriate Medicare consumer.

I am a one man operation that has been providing insurance leads to agents since 2014 through my main business I launched this website because my Medicare lead systems have become just as popular as my final expense.

For my Medicare Lead Systems, as of July 2023 I now offer two separate setups and packages.

My most popular package for generating leads is my Turning 65 package that allows you to target consumers who are 64 years old and have a birthday within a set number of months (you choose how far out you want to target). This package allows you to get in front of people who are in their Initial Enrollment Period (IEP) and you are able to get them on board with the right Medicare products for their needs. I also have packages available for Medicare Supplements, Dual Special Needs Plans, 5-Star Plans (where applicable) and Annual Enrollment.

Package 1: $2,500 - 1 Medicare Product Via Lead Forms

If you want to generate high-end and exclusive form-fill leads for 1 Medicare product such as Turning 65, Supplements or D-SNP, this is the package for you. This is my standard package I have been offering for years. This package includes:

Your own lead generation website with a custom .com of your choice

Matching Facebook/Meta Business page properly configured and design of all graphics

Your own Facebook/Meta Advertising account completely setup and fully configured

Set up of ALL advertisements, graphics, verbiage, contact forms and targeting within the advertising account. You do not need to come up with ad copy, graphics or demographics. This is all provided.

2-3 Months of personal training until you are ready to run the advertising account yourself

Full ownership of everything. You own the leads, the advertising accounts and your data. You will be able to make business decisions based off the data from your advertising accounts. You will know what it costs to generate a real lead from someone in Town A or State B and you can analyze all of that to have a much more efficient bottom line for your business.

I will fully integrate everything for you to begin using your system right away. Any CRMs, Dialers or needed Automation is included with the setup fee. You will be 100% free from dealing with lead vendors again!

Website hosting and your .com are included for the first year, $100 per year for renewal fees after that

Package 2: $3,700 - All Medicare Products via Lead Forms and Inbound Call Leads

If you want leads for multiple Medicare products, to be able to generate standard form-fill leads AND inbound call leads, this is the package for you. For example, you can have form-fill T-65 leads running simultaneously with Med Supp inbound call leads or any combination. This package includes:

Everything from package #1

The additional ability to generate leads via an inbound call. With this type of ad, the consumer does not have a form to fill out, only an option to call you directly. It is similar to a live transfer where you can choose the days and times to receive calls. The main difference is the consumer is calling you directly, without a call center service.

Additional ads and setups for every type of Medicare lead you want to generate (T-65, Supplements, D-SNP, AEP/OEP, 5-Star etc)

This package can be added on to the intial package for $1200 if ordered within 30 days, after that it is $1500.

The System Pays for Itself

Between your reduced lead cost, the higher quality advertising and of course the sales the system pays for itself very quickly. I get you up and running within a week and once complete you'll have your own completely custom marketing platform to generate your own leads online, forever. I will be there every step of the way to ensure you have no issues generating leads going forward. I would happily provide references to people already using my system as well.

You can call me any time to discuss at (800) 717-3915 or use the form below to contact me through my website. I know there is a lot of information on this page so I am happy to answer every question you might have.

Thank you for your interest, Lee
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