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Order Your Internet Lead System

You can now purchase your lead system directly through my website. Just enter the domain name you want to use or your name if you don't know yet and hit 'Pay Now' to start the purchase. I will contact you after payment is made to confirm and arrange everything (usually within 30 minutes if during the day).

After clicking Pay Now below, you will be directed to checkout. You can use Paypal or any debit or credit card. Look underneath the login area for the 'Pay with debit or credit card' link. Thank you.

Financing Now Available

Paypal is now offering financing on my lead system. Click the PayPal Credit Learn More button below to get more info and apply for financing.

Enter Your Domain Name (or name)

Refund Policy

Please find out in advance if you are unable to advertise because of the company/insurance agency you work for. I do not offer refunds after I complete my work because "you are not allowed to advertise" on your own behalf because of your company policy.

Refunds are available in full (minus credit card processing fees) through the time your first ad is launched (generally within 7 days). After that, full refunds are only available in the event that I cannot technically get you any leads.

Once you begin receiving leads, full refunds are no longer available due to the time, work, setup and fees done/incurred by me. Please being up any issues with me and allow me time to resolve it. It is not always an instant process to start a new advertising account.

By paying paying for my services, you agree to adhere to my refund policy.